“Blocking” Outline for English 03 Essay Assignments,

Spring 2006


Essay #1:  A Successful Person

This essay describes a successful person that you know, someone who models the qualities that it takes to be successful in the face of difficult circumstances.  This essay can be developed through narration (that is, telling a story about the person) or through exemplification (in other words, showing examples of how and why the person is or was successful.) 

This essay will have an introductory paragraph, at least three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.


Essay #2:  Developing Professional Communication Skills

This essay will begin with an introductory paragraph discussing whether communication skills are necessary for success in the profession you wish to enter.

Part I of the body will comprise one or two paragraphs in which you describe your extant communication strengths and show that you have these skills through specific examples.

Part II of the body will include one to three paragraphs in which you describe the communication skills that will be necessary for you to enter and succeed in your profession.  These paragraphs will be supported with specific examples from the readings and from your own experience of professionals in your field of study.

Part III of the body will consist of one to three paragraphs in which you focus on your current communication weaknesses, or the areas which you most wish to improve, and in which you will outline a specific plan for how you will overcome the weaknesses or improve your skills in the areas you have designated.

The concluding paragraph will summarize or otherwise bring closure to the essay.



Essay #3:  Understanding Learning Styles by Using the VARK Website

The introductory paragraph will introduce the concept of learning styles.


Part I of the body will be one or two paragraphs describing what the VARK is who created it and why (including what his credentials are), what the letters each mean, why it is useful to know, and how one would be able to use the information at the VARK web site.


Part II of the body will be a one- or two-paragraph discussion of your VARK profile, describing the methods by which you learn best, supported by examples from your own experience which prove that these are your learning strengths.


Part III of the body will be a one- to three-paragraph analysis of the (VARK) teaching styles of your current professors.


Part IV of the essay will consist of one to three paragraphs describing how you will apply the learning strategies suggested on the VARK website in each of your classes, based on your own learning styles and on your professors’ teaching styles.


The concluding paragraph will sum up your assessment of the value of the VARK website or otherwise bring the essay to closure.