Boiler Plate comments: Summarizing the Kerr and Tannen articles /

Summary writing instructions

Engineers in hard hats


  1. Steel in the form of flat plates used in making steam boilers
  2. A copy made with the intention of making other copies from it
  3. In information technology, a boilerplate is a unit of writing that can be reused over and over without change.

1] First, begin with a topic sentence that includes signal phrase attribution which states the name of the author of the article, since that is how the article will be located and alphabetized in the w.c. section.

2] Paraphrase accurately, staying true to the source, but use direct quotes very sparingly in the summary paragraph.  

3] Include the most important supporting information from the source.

4] Close with the correct parenthetical citation to indicate to your readers that everything in the paragraph (between the signal phrase attribution and the parenthetical citation) is from that one source and does not reflect your comments on it.

5] Include the correct works cited entry for the source.

6] Minor editing is needed. Use Grammarly and listen to the paragraph with M.S. “Speak”

7] Major editing is needed. Use Grammarly, listen to the paragraph with M.S. “Speak” one sentence at a time, starting with the final sentence and working backwards, sentence-by-sentence, to the beginning.

NOTE: Folks, in your essay, the instructions above will be the criteria by which these summary paragraphs are graded. In the Course Learning Outcomes guide for Eng. 111 (posted in the Course Documents section of BBd) see the following CLOs: