Boiler Plate comments and Errors Analysis: CTJ #1

Engineers in hard hats


  1. Steel in the form of flat plates used in making steam boilers
  2. A copy made with the intention of making other copies from it
  3. In information technology, a boilerplate is a unit of writing that can be reused over and over without change.

Proofread and edit using ALL of the Assistive Technologies.

Has anyone here ever met Henry Ford personally? Then why do you call him Henry?

“No YOUs!!!!” Academic writing does not condone sloppy use of pronouns, especially 2nd person point of view, so let's avoid it. Here's why I hate YOU!

Use correct formats.

P-1a, S-5a etc. = See the corresponding handbook section in LSH. Work the coresponding lessons in these areas in InQuizitive and Norton Write
Errors analyses:

In complete sentences, describe why you needed to make each correction that was marked, including in-text citing and the works cited section. To understand the errors, work the related lessons in NW, and IQ. I will check the analytics, and if the related lessons have not been worked in those databases, I won’t award credit for the Errors Analysis prject (2 pts.) because you wasted your time and mine by guessing. Identify and discuss your corrections as follows:

I will make a separate Errors Anaysis assignment in Canvas so that you can post the project, and I will access your original, marked CTJ #1 post to assess your anayses. Make the correction on your original document--not on the marked post in Canvas--because your maor assignments will be graded for revisions and edits at the end of the semester in a Webfolio of Final Revisions and Edits..