Assessing Content and Organization of the Creator and Victim Essays



Does the essay have a good, descriptive title that is interesting?

Does the first line “set the hook” by making a reader want to read on?

Does the introductory paragraph provide enough background information to help an uninformed audience begin to understand the context of the essay?

Does the introduction narrow the focus of the topic?

Is the thesis clearly stated? (underline it)


Does each paragraph begin with an appropriate transition?

Is the topic sentence of each paragraph clearly identifiable? (underline it) This is a Power 1 sentence.

Do all of the supporting sentences relate directly to the topic sentence of the essay?

Is there a discernable pattern of organization and development in each paragraph?

Does each paragraph affect closure in some way?


Does the concluding paragraph bring closure to the whole essay?

Does the concluding paragraph avoid introducing new subject matter?

What concluding strategy does the writer use in the final paragraph?