Cornell Notes from Chapter 3, through page 85

Write the following questions in the "cues" column of your Cornell-formatted note paper, and fill in the answers in the main note-taking section while you are reading the book. I will collect and grade your notes on Thursday.

How important do educators think motivation is to your academic success?

What factors affect self motivation?

What is meant by Value as regards motivation

What is meant by Expectations as regards motivation

How are Value and Expectations used to determine motivation level?

What choices did Chee Meng Vang make that were sabotaging his success in college?

What did Chee Meng Vang do that raised his motivation and how did that change his choices? (Remember: V x E = M)

What are the five qualities of motivating goals?

What is meant by Dated?

What is meant by Achievable?

What is meant by Personal?

What is meant by Positive?

What is meant by Specific?

Why is it important to design a life plan?

Why is visualization an important method for developing a life plan?

What are the four keys to visualization?