Angie Claud

English 111-15

May 5, 1998


Super Kmart Confusion

My writing process is like that thankless job of going to a Super Kmart store. I enter the store knowing that I need one itemóonly one item! This job is similar to writing that one paper. It is just a paper, but I can really get distracted. I try to make it an easy task, but itís similar to when those automatic doors slide open and you are instantly overwhelmed.

Yes, my mind is bombarded with possible topics. It is like seeing those million other items that you forgot you needed and wanted to buy. You know them, right? They include those great items like the Ronco food dehydrator, the Walt Disney video (the one thatís only on sale for a limited time), and those great clothes that Jacquelyn Smith wears. They are all there waiting for my choosing. I can also view the wide selection of stylish eyeglasses that are going to make me look cool on the beach this summer or those Martha Stewart sheets and towels that are just going to change me life at home. The hardest temptation is the sweet stuff. The homemade cookies, pies, and pastries from the bakery seem to lure me in with their unbelievable aroma. I am off the beaten path, and I know it. I look at the calendar and my deadline is fiercely approaching. It is like being hit by a tower of falling cans of chicken noodle soup that are on sale.

I decide to be more disciplined and work harder, but what will I write about? The ideas are just swimming around in my head like those goldfish in the aquariums on aisle 15. I try to avoid any distractions that will keep me from finishing this paper. I leave my unproductive wandering and try to get back in the right direction. Finally, I think of a great topic. Unfortunately, itís like remembering and finding that item I wanted to purchase but not knowing what to put it with to make that wonderful meal.

When I get home, I check out all of my cookbooks. I donít want to use this ingredient in the same old casserole I have always made in the past. I want to make a new, delicious, and nutritious meal that everyone will enjoy. Like this meal, I want my paper to be interesting and intriguing--something that will nourish the soul. I pull all my resources together and add the right amount of each one and try to blend them into a masterpiece. After all of this hard work and frustration, my end product is truly a part of meómy creation. This stage of the writing process is critical though. I am done with my part of the assignment, but now others have to digest it (and hopefully enjoy it). It would be great if the teachers that grade my papers could be like my husband after eating my meals. He says he likes it even if he doesnítóheís a smart man!


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