Assignment for Monday, 8/31 a the starrt of class (Eng 111-03H):

I. In a few paragraphs, write your own literacy narrative, focusing primarily on your development as and experiences as a reader. Your narrative should answer the questions below, though it certain can go beyond them; however, write it in paragraphs form, not as a list of answers. It should be a full page to a page and a half when typed, double spaced and printed out in Times New Roman font. (2 points)

1. As a Child did your folks/family read to you? How often? What?

2. If you have children do you read to them? What? How often?

3. In your past (school or work) reading experiences did you tend to skim texts for answers or read selections word-for-word?

4.  Have you ever been taught specific reading or text apprehension and comprehension strategies such as SQ4R or others?

5.  What has been your experience as a reader? What sorts of books or what specific books have you read? What other sorts of things do you read aside from books?

6.  Do you listen to audiobooks? Do you know ways of acqwuiring audio books?

7. Did you feel that reading well was important to your success in middle/high school?

8. Based on your past experiences, what are your expectations about the role that reading well will play in you success in college?

9. Do you have any diagnosed reading difficulties such as dyslexia or text tracking/visual processing difficulties?

II. Critical thinking journal entry #2: Paulo Coelho has written, “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.” Write about 250-300 words for your critical thinking journal in which you (1) describe who he is, (2) explain what the quote means, and (3) give an example of this truth from your own experience or your own observation. (2 points)

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