Class Brainstorm, 2/3/15: How can I develop the following communication skills?


·         Increase vocabulary reading

·         Research any words I do not know

·         Look up- new words on my phone

·         Read more

o   Professional journals

o   Professional books

o   Research on line

o   Reading anything written in professional language

o   Sq4r

·         Use a thesaurus

·         Develop better reading strategies in Eng 111/ENF3

 Communication media and specialized equipment

·         Telephone

o   Practice enunciating, speaking professionally

o   Measuring instruments

o   Volunteer at hospitals


·         Listen to understand, not just to reply

·         Intra-nets

o   Read and update projects posted

o   Email

Web presence

o   Create a professional web page/site

o   Use Wix

o   Google sites

o   Dream weaver

o   Post on Angies list

o   Web MD

Hardware or software

o   MS Office suite

o   C+

o   html

o   Security software/firewall

o   measuring



o   Write

o   Do the writing projects in 111/ENF3

o   Read critically

o   Proofread closely

o   Follow written instructions

Editing skills

o   writing center at TNCC: supplemental lessons

o   listen to your own prose

o   revising

o   peer review and discussion

o   on line lessons such as WW Norton handbook

o   paper rater

o   grammar check

o   natural reader, any text-to-voice

Good grammar

o   Listen for “professional” or conventional grammar

o   Listen to NPR (89.5)


o   Speak in class

o   Participate in drama

o   Reading announcements at church

o   Oral presentations in class

o   Knowing the vocabulary, nomenclature, lingo, jargon of your field

o   KISS & don’t repeat your self


o   listen to understand, not just to reply

o   ask questions when something is not clear

o   awareness of professional language

o   listen and take notes at meetings

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