Criteria for evaluating web folios

Last updated 11/29/2005

Consider E. Grassianís advice for evaluating web sites, and apply it to your own. Here are some additional stipulations or considerations:

à Contentß

Your English 111 webfolios should include the defining moment essay, the two summaries, the researched paper (based on the interview), the final (metaphor) essay, and any extra credit paper(s). Since the work has been graded and marked, the prose should be grammatically sound, free of typos and careless editing errors, and it should reflect the conventions of academic writing following the guidelines of the MLA.

In addition to presenting the class projects, what purposes do you have for your web site? What links do you want to provide for visitors to your site that will entertain, amuse, inform, persuade or educate them? What do the links show about you and your interests? Do you want to use your electronic webfolio to demonstrate to potential employers or colleges what you are capable of and what you have learned about modern communication technology?

What image of yourself do you wish to portray to the rest of the world? Does your webfolio accomplish your goals in that regard?

à Presentationß

The projects you have written for English 111 include some personal writing, and some writing about academic subject matter. How will you index or organize your home page so that visitors can easily understand what is there, access the information, and navigate the site?

Graphics: What photos, animations, backgrounds, colors, audio and other design elements will give people the impression of you which you wish to portray? Is there a reason for each of the design or multimedia elements you use in your webfolio? Does the home page hold together, have a unity of theme? Is the design or layout too cluttered or close? Is there generous use of blank space? Is there too much blank space so that the visitor has to scroll unnecessarily or search for the links to appreciate the graphic elements?

Navigation: Is it easy for the visitor to absorb the home page and find the information you wish for him or her to find? Do your project pages link back to the home page? Do they interlink where it is relevant for them to do so? How will you index your site so that visitors can find what they are looking for? I'm going to have students go to your webfolios to read samples of papers, so how will you help them find this information on your web site? I think Carolyn Williams, Meredith Markum, and Sharon Scolari indexed their essays in a very concise yet informative way.

Will your readers have to scroll from side to side in order to read each line or does your design keep all the text visible on normal-sized monitors? I hate side-to-side scrolling and won't read most things that force me to do this.

à Linksß

Are there ample links to on-line resources within the papers you wrote? Are the links you made up-to-date and accurate? Do all of the links work? Do you link the individual paper projects back to your home page? Do you link to the TNCC site and the English 111 class site? You should.

What external links does the web site have and how are they presented? Do you link to sites which reflect your hobbies, personal interests, academic organizations or aspirations, and professional organizations affiliated with your academic discipline or field of study? Do you link to sites of friends and family? Sites which pertain to your entertainment preferences (if such links arenít contrary to your purposes for your web site). Do you link to sites of any classmates or sites of other TNCC students whom you know?

à E-mailß

Make sure you have an email link so that I can email you your evaluation and so that your colleagues in English 111 can email you suggestions, comments, critiques, and kudos on your webfolio design. Provide an email link immediately: you'll need it to exchange information with your webfolio groupmates. Please remember that we don't have POP mail service on the machines in the classroom, so you'll have to email each other from your own email services (, etc.)

à Evaluation & Collaborationß

I expect everyone to help each other with useful advice and suggestions, and I expect that the result will be that all of the webfolios earn full credit. If an individual webfolio shows little effort, or if there are still editing errors in the texts, the grade will be very low. Iíve spent a great deal of time evaluating papers to help you to prepare them for electronic publication in the webfolios; therefore, the work should be free of errors. We started the webfolio project in the second week of the semester, so there is no reason for these web sites not to be exemplary. Your webfolio is the culmination of the work you have done for the entire semester. It will reflect the level of excellence of which TNCC students are capable, and it should represent your own abilities and work ethic very favorably. Access the URLs of your English 111 colleagues, and help each other with proofing the texts and troubleshooting any other web building problems that folks are having. I am always impressed by the care and creativity some folks put into their web sites, and I want to be impressed by all of them. After you have checked out your colleagues' sites, make yours as good as the best one you have seen.

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