Editing Experts/Consulting Teams, English 111/03 Hampton Campus, Spring 2016

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"Suggested" resources for completing your project:

As one outcome of this project, your team will make a Google Presentation or Google Doc which teaches your class colleagues about your group's editing skill, and you will use it when you make your presentation teaching this convention to your class colleagues. Hereafter in the semester, you and your group colleagues will be the class experts on the editing skill that you present. Here are some examples

You will teach this convention to your class colleagues and assess how well they have learned it. It will include a works cited section for all the sources you have used.

Sentence fragments. Your group will teach us how to identify sentence fragments (the types of fragments or causes of sentence fragments) and how to correct them (subordination, coordination, combination)

Run-on sentences & comma splices. What are they? How do they relate to "clauses"? How do we identify them in our writing? How do we fix them?

Comma use, misuse, and abuse. Describe the four main purposes for commas and exemplify how to apply comma conventions in our writing in order to affect those purposes. (Purposes: Used to add information, to separate, to combine, and for mechanical purposes)

Verb forms and use. How we determine tenses of regular and irregular verbs, how we recognize and correct tense shifts, what subject/verb agreement means and how we affect it.

ESL fluency issues: Pronoun case and use of articles. How do we determine pronoun case? When do we use "who" or "whom"? When and how do we use the English articles?

Group Progress, Participation and the Grading Rubric: Your presentation will be graded on its effectiveness in teaching your area of editing expertise to your class colleagues.

Important: Create a Google docs team project log page for your group. In the doc, you will log the work that each member did when you met face-to-face, each day--specifically, and if one group member was not present, your team will assign the absent teammate to do specific tasks outside of class which will equate to what you did in class and will be due before the next class meeting. If an absent team mamber does not fulfill his or her assignment, significant points will be deducted from that person's grade for the group project. No slacker, no laggers, no-hangers-on allowed: everyone pulls their own weight. Additionally, your group log doc will state what each group member will do before the next meeting of the class in order to keep making progress on the project. Add me to the Google doc log for your group so that I can keep tabs on your progress, on who is contributing what, and make suggestions and answer questions. My Google/VCCS email follows: rad73@email.vccs.edu.


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