Evaluation and Feedback Rubric: Fairy tale essay, body paragraphs

Paragraph 1: (appx. 150-200 words in length)
Describes where the stories came from,

and when,

why and

how the Grimm brothers put together their collection of tales.



Paragraph 2, Summarize: Write a paragraph (appx. 150-200 words) which summarizes the story that you have selected. Put it ALL in your own words. Outline of what happened in your partner’s fairy tale:




Paragraph 3 (appx. 150-200 words) discusses how this tale you have summarized reflects something about you or about some aspect of your life. Remember: the fairy tales are said to be "universal"; if so, we all live fairy tale lives. No?

Topic sentence of this paragraph:


Two best, descriptive sentences from the paragraph (sentences which SHOW and don’t just “tell”):