Open Notes Quiz: Copy these questions into a M.S. Word document and type your answers in complete sentences. Use your notes but not the book or the ebook.

1. What was the Grimm brothers’ goal when they collected and wrote down the fairy tales?
2.  How and from whom were the tales collected?
3. WHY did the oral tradition of storytelling exist prior to the Grimm’s publication of the tales?
4. What are fiefdoms and principalities?
5. What was the original title for the published collection of Grimm’s fairy tales?
6. Why did people, and particularly, scholars object to the collection?
7. Why did the Grimm’s “revise and soften” the works in their collection
 8. What are some of the earmarks of the revised fairy tales?
 9. In what way were the Grimm brothers “the preeminent cartographers of make believe”?
10.  What happened to the Grimm brothers while they were at university in the city of Marburg that spurred them to collect the folk tales?
 11. How were their personal lives reflected in the some of the recurring themes of the tales they wrote down?
12.  How “true to life” are the stories included in their collection?
13. Why do the woods figure so prominently in the stories?
14. Though compiled in central Germany, why do the stories appeal to readers throughout the world?
15. Why does psychologist Bruno Bettelheim call the tales the “great comforters”?