Peer Review & Grading Rubric: Hartman Inventory Essay

Writer ______________________________ Peer reviewer _______________________________

Introductory paragraph
___ Sets the hook

___ Narrows the focus/provides needed background info, avoids the “Don’t’s” of introductory paragraphs

___ Clearly states the thesis, which tells what the topic is and expresses the opinion about the topic.
Write the thesis statement here:


Body paragraph 1

____ Describes who Hartman is and when this was developed first, then what it means, in general, to be a red, a white, a yellow, or a blue.

___ It is documented with a parenthetical citation

Body paragraph 2

___ States what your color is, and then uses specific examples from your experiences to show that you have the predominant traits of your predominant color.
Best two specific details:


Body paragraph 3

___ Discusses how you will use and apply information about working with, interacting with, and simply understanding why it is useful to know about different personality types in any of your life roles.

Concluding paragraph:

___ Must bring closure!
___ Can paraphrase your main points, or . . .
___ can comment again on the subject matter, or . . .
___ can call for action on the part of the reader

___ Works Cited section is correctly formatted.

Hartman, Taylor. The Color Code: A New Way to See Yourself, Your Relationships, and Life. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1987.