Argument #2:

How Langston Hughes Transcends Literary Life and Influences America Society

by Breaking with Traditions


"Salvation," an early "defining moment" in Hughes' life: What is a "defining moment"?

Langston Hughes


by Langston Hughes


Instructions: Copy and paste everything between the lines below into a M.S. Word document to input your answers.

You may use or or any other dictionary of your choice to define the terms.


Define the following terms as they are meant in the context of the essay. Since this is a writing class, write your answers in complete and grammatically correct sentences--even the definitions.

1.  revival

2.  knickerbockered

3.  punctuated

4.  ecstatic


5.  Is the thesis of the essay stated outright or implied?

6.  What is the thesis of the essay?

7.  How does Westley’s attitude differ from Langston’s?

8.  Why can’t Langston tell Auntie Reed the truth about his experience in the church?

Homework assignment for the next stage, adding reseach to your essay