Critical Thinking paper #3

This paper will comprise three paragraphs, but it will not follow the paradigm for critical thinking journals 1 and 2.
The topic is journalistic ethics.

In paragraph 1, from the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) website, quote directly the four major tenets of their Code of Ethics, and following each verbatim quote describe in your own words what each means or how it is implemented in practice.

In paragraph 2, discuss the ways in which the NYT statement on ethical journalism reflects the SPJ’s Code of Ethics or differs from it.

In paragraph 3, paraphrasing/summarizing from the source, explain the ethical dilemma that NYT’s Gettleman found himself in with regard to what he described as a “journalistic pickle” in reporting the ape smuggling story. Based on your research, discuss whether you feel that Gettleman chose the appropriate course of action, or do you think he should have handled it differently in some way?

Document your sources with appropriate in-text citations, using either signal phrase or parenthetical citations, whichever is most appropriate to each source reference you make (consult pages 122-128 in the Little Segull Handbook) and a correctly formatted MLA-style works cited section (pages 136-158) at the end.

Edit carefully using the assistive technologies. Follow MLA guidelines for academic papers: Double-spaced throughout, Times New Roman, 12-pt. font, ½ inch indent for new paragraphs "

Grading rubric: These instructions will become the grading rubric for this paper.

Length: Not including the W.C. section, 2 full pages in length, but no more. W.C. section will be page 3.

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