Major projects 2nd half of Eng. 109

Everyone will do the following three assignments: 1] a learning analysis essay, 2] a personal success page of Internet resources in the form of an annotated webliography, and 3] a webfolio in which to post your major works on the Internet. That will be three of the four major projects for the semester.

Fourth major project: You will choose between the "one-pager" (numerous topics suggested below) or making an oral presentation to your 109 class or in another class.

Learning Analysis Essay, draft due Monday 3/26

Annotated Webliographies


From the smorgasbord of assignments below, choose just ONE.
It will be EITHER a "one-pager" (a very short essay) OR an oral presentation.

The "One-pager": You may choose to write on one of the many Success Essay topics below, OR to write a Reflection Paper on one of the journal entries or success topic discussions (These will be very short essays of 250 to 300 words, approximately three or four brief paragraphs.)

Oral Presentation: Academic Experts (option four)


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