Type answers in complete, grammatically correct sentences.

1. Sumerians began writing in Western tradition about 5000 years ago in cuneiform, on clay tablets. Who were the Sumerians?

2. Where did they live? (Sumeria is not the answer.)

3. What does cuneiform look like?

4. Why is it called by that name?

5. How many humans currently know how to read? 

6. What percentage of the world’s population knows how to read?

7. What is meant by "phonetic writing"? 

8. When and why did "mass literacy" begin?

9. From Plato through the 7th Century, writing served mostly as a memory aid. True or False?

10. Why has Azerbaijan adopted the Latin alphabet?

11. Where is Azerbaijan located on the map of the world?

12. How many characters are there in Japanese kanji script?

13. Is this an advantage or a disadvantage to have as many characters in a cultures written script as the Japanese have?

14. What are umlauts?

15. What does Cyrillic writing refer to?

16. In what ways can the written word be said to reach across both time and geographical distance.