Rubric for NHLP Essays: This is what the content grade is based upon.
(Since some of you asked: Length is at least two FULL pages to three full pages.)

Homer's brain

Your Brain BEFORE the NHLP essay

YOUR brain

Your brain AFTER the NHLP essay

Essay Outline, Instructions and Grading Rubric

Introductory paragraphs (links to Purdue University OWL). See also W-4e in Little Seagull Handbook

·         Set the hook. Note: Use this Henry Ford quote somewhere in the intro: "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right!

·         Narrow the focus/provide needed background info

·         Clearly state the thesis

o   A thesis statement is NOT an announcement of intention

o   States the subject matter

o   Is unified

o   Clearly indicates the writer’s opinion

o   Contain the “key words” if possible

Body paragraph 1

·         Explains the steps that Smilkstein describes and explains what they mean; i.e., motivation, beginning practice, advanced practice, etc.  (From my PowerPoint and my notes on the whiteboard.)

·         Attrributes Smilkstein.  (I.e., "According to Dr. Rita Smilkstein’s research . . .")   

Body paragraph 2

·         Uses Dr. Smilkstein’s terms in your description of your learning process.  I.e., “My motivation to learn this was . . . “    “During the beginning practice stage of learning it, I would . . .”     “I know I reached the skillfulness stage when it started to get easier and I . . .”  Etc.

Body paragraph 3

·         TELLs how emotions “affect” (i.e. “control”) your ability to learn (remeber: it is a biological process, so describe how that takes place).

Body paragraph 4

Concluding paragraph (links to the Guide to Grammar and Writing). See also W-4e in Little Seagull Handbook

·         Must bring closure

·         Can paraphrase your main points

·         Comment again on the subject matter

·         Call for action on the part of the reader

Now, use this page: Revision and Editing Checklist from the Guide to Grammar and Writing

Make it ready for grading:

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