Research Projects for Eng 111


1. Math Success research project

1 a.  How to be a math marvel, researched essay (due 2/2/11)

1 b. Revisions/edits of math marvel essays (due 2/16)

1 c. Errors analysis of math marvels essay (due2/16)

1 d. How studying math is like studying a foreign language (due 2/23)


2.  Brain development research project

2 a. The NHLP / how I learned __________________ (due 1/24, revision 2/7)

2 b. How brain cells develop similarly to trees and how synaptic firing is similar to a spark plug firing (due 2/9)

2 c. How emotions affect learning biologically (not just a “common sense” explanation of what happens under stress, but the biological/chemical causes) (due 2/14)


3.  Multiple Intelligences/Learning Styles research project

 3 a. Summary of article on Multiple Intelligences (due 3/14)