Sentence Punctuation Pattern Assignment


Directions:  Use the Norton E Book Handbook to help you identify sentence constructions and complete the assignment. 

Part 1: Defining sentence elements and patterns.  Define or describe the following sentence construction terminology, in your own words (not copied directly from any other source).  Write your answers in complete, grammatically correct sentences.

Part 2: Demonstrating sentence construction knowledge. Write two sentences which exemplify each of the sentences patterns below.  One of the two example sentences will come from either the Guide to Grammar and Writing or the Purdue University OWL.  The other sentence will be one you have already written in one of your paragraphs or essays, or one which you have reconstructed from your previously written paragraphs or essays.  Identify the source of each copied sentence in parentheses as follows: (GGW) or (Purdue). Do not get your examples from only one of these sources—use both.

Independent Clause. [S1]


Independent clause; independent clause.


Independent clause; therefore, independent clause. [P2a]
                                 ;  however,
                                 ;  for example,

Independent clause, and independent clause. [P1a]

Although dependent clause, independent clause. [P1b]


Independent clause although dependent clause. [P1j]

Independent clause, unnecessary information, clause. [P1e]
Examples:      _________ , I believe, _________.       _________ , on the other hand, _____ .


Independent clause necessary information clause. [P-1d/P-1j]
Examples: The class that I failed was difficult. The woman with diabetes was frequently thirsty.


Independent clause: word, word, word. [P6a/P1c]


Independent clause: phrase, phrase, phrase. [P6a/P1c]


Independent clause: independent clause; independent clause. [P6a/P2a]


“ __________________________________________ ,” he said. [P4a]


He said, “ _______________________________________ .” [P4a]


 “____________________________ ,” he said, “ __________________________ .”[P4e]


Write a grammatically correct sentence using a pattern of your choice. Be sure to label the pattern.