Readings Quiz:  Communicating as a Professional


1.  Nursing Manager Edna Benton says that being an RN is a teaching situation.  Explain what Benton means by this.









2.  RN Belinda Morrison holds that listening is an extremely important communication skill.  Site an example in which she describes an unfortunate situation that occurred because a nurse was not listening closely.









3.  What are three ways in which a physical therapist needs to use a computer in his or her job?










4.  According to Mr. Price, it is “critical” for a counselor to have good communication skills.  What are four of the types of written communication that Mr. Price describes as essential to his job as a counseling psychologist?








5.  Accountant Sandra Young, who was Director of Finance at the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA, says, “Writing skills are important for all jobs.”  What are two examples she gives of the type of writing she has to do?










6.  Officer Butler says that oral communication skills are essential for a policeman.  Give two examples that Officer Butler sites to show that this is so.









7.  How much time in a given week is a police officer likely to be engaged in reading or researching related to his or her job?









8.  What are two examples of the type of reading or researching that a policeman must do, according to Officer Butler?