Revising One-pagers and Paragraphs into Essays
Week 8: 3/8/1--3/10/10

You have written several assignments that I call "one-pagers" and several paragraphs so far. This week we will revise all of these separate assignments into three essays. Each essay will have an interesting introductory paragraph, a clearly stated thesis, obvious topic sentences for each paragraph, and a successful concluding paragraph. They should be two to three pages in length when they are typed and double spaced (Times New Roman, 12-point font size).

Essay 1 topic: How the brain learns

brain labeled

  1. Describe the Natural Human Learning Process
  2. Describe how you learned a specific skill or body of knowledge by following the NHLP
  3. Describe how the brain functions during learning in order to develop the neural networks which are the locus of skills you have learned and knowledge you have apprehended

Essay 2 topic: Why I am in college and how I will succeed

graduation hat toss

  1. The "Letter to Myself"
  2. Time management interview

Essay 3 topic: Succeeding over adversity (a succesful person that you know)

finish line boston marathon wheel chair

  1. The "summary paragraph" that tells about the person
  2. At least 3 additional body paragraphs which show the person overcomging adversity

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