Summer 2006 English 111

The students in "English 111: Computer-Mediated Communication," at Thomas Nelson Community College created these websites. They are the culmination of their writing and research projects for the summer semester. Since we all should have been enjoying ourselves in the wonderful Tidewater Virginia summer, rather than sitting around some dusty classroom, the theme for the summer projects was "Have fun, and then write about it." And they managed to do just that. The result is an eclectic collection of personal-experience based reviews, commentaries, and recommendations about how anyone living in this area, or visiting us, can have a really great time during the summer.

*Dead-end links: These folks have either dismantled their sites or have let them die a natural death.

8 a.m. - 11 a.m. class
11 a.m - 2 p.m. class
Cyrous Bagheri
Ricardo Ashby
*DeMarius Bryant
Josh Balster
Kandyce Davis
Leroy Foster 
*Nathalie DeJesus
Matt Guhl
*Joanne Edmonds
Ji Sook Han 
Diana Fannin 
Suong Hoang
*Katie Jacob
Brittney Holmes
Jake Jones
*Laura Iniesta
Linda McNeal
Sana Jaber
Amanda Murphy
Julie Martin
*Chaseni Murphy
Clarine Moore
Robyn Reed
Krystal Searcy
Shivam Shah
Nicholas Shafer
Sarah Thompson
*Stephen Smark
Cassandra Turner
Heather Smith
Krystal West
Dairy So
Laura Wynings
Fridah Wanjiku