The Survivor Scenario: A Personal Narrative

Survival Story: This is approximately a two-page paper. Write it with the members of your base group. (If you did not make it to class today, write this paper on your own.) Using what you know from our discussions and your research on the survival scenario, write a story about how you and the members of your base group made it out of the situation successfully. Tell it as a story: who brought which items and why, how did you decide what to do, what did you do with the items, and what was the outcome of your adventure? Additionally, include the information about each member of your group from the grid that you wrote on Tuesday and discussed today. Don't just list this information: make it all fit into the story.

Paper length: about 600 words. The draft of the whole paper is due at the start of class on Tuesday, so if you don't finish drafting your narrative about how your group survives this scenario, you will have to collaborate outside of class. In order to do that you will need to exchange phone numbers at which you can actually be reached and email addresses. Your options for finishing the narrative are to get together outside of class or to exchange the information via email (or Google Docs if anyone in your group knows how to do the Google aplications well enough to explain to the other members of your group).

Here is how the experts rank the items and what they would do.