Syllabus quiz, due at the beginning of your next class meeting.

Instructions: Answer all questions and prompts using complete and grammatically correct sentences. (This is a syllabus quiz, yes, but it is also a writing sample.)  

1. Look up the following two words (displayed in quotation marks below) in a dictionary, and define them, selecting the one definition of each word which you believe is most applicable to our class meetings; then write a paragraph discussing why “mindfulness” is important and “distractions” need to be avoided during class. Include the single definition (not multiple definitions) of each word in your paragraph.

Refer to pages 50-52 of the Student Handbook as well as the class syllabus to answer questions 2-4.

Respectful behavior and the Student Code of Conduct:

2. In addition to (1) using cell phones during class and (2) walking in or out of class other than at the beginning and the end of the class meeting session, in your own words, list the three class disruptions that are noted in the “Student Code of Conduct” which you think you are most likely to encounter in your classes this semester.

3. In addition to the consequences stipulated in the “Student Code of Conduct,” what is Mr. Dollieslager’s policy with regard to unauthorized use of cell phones during class?

4. In brief and in your own words, paraphrase the four consequences an individual may face if he or she is required to leave class because of disruptive behavior.  


5. What is the “seat-time” to homework ratio, the formula your professors are supposed to use to decide how much outside of class work to assign?

Final Grades:

6. When will you be able to check your final grade for the course?

Office Hours:

7. Which of Mr. Dollieslager's office hours are you most likely to use to meet with him outside of class?