The first three parts of the term paper project, assigned as of 3/1/06:


Note: Keep these short assignments in separate documents so that it will be easy to reorganize them however it is most appropriate to do so in the term paper.


I.  Definition of success; includes dictionary definitions and your own definition


II. One or two paragraphs describing how a college-degreed person you know handled the commitments that he or she had and managed his or her time successfully in order to complete college with a degree


III.  One to three prargraphs describing the successful life you dream about living in 10 years or 20 years.  What job will you be doing?  What would a typical day be like?  What will your home life look like at the end of the day?  What will your family life be like?  Describe the car you drive, your home, your home life.  Dream. Dream! DREAM!!