Maurice Wright


Two of a kind



Color pencils or marker, paper, watch, dictionary, and calculator optional


1. Pair two students in a team of four or more; this is a timed exercise.


2. The teacher keeps the score and time, and the teams are given 30 seconds to answer random SOL questions picked by the teacher. All of the papers are faced down until the official score keeper says to begin.


3. One of the students does a problem (Math, History, Science, etc…) while the other student looks for mistakes.


4. If your partner is correct give your partner a silent cheer or praise (clap, Hercules, Hercules…)


5. If you make a mistake your partner can not verbally say “that is wrong.” Your partner can give you a hint that a mistake has been made by making some kind of sound or some type of gesture (clear throat, mooo...)


6. After 30 seconds are up, the time keeper will say, “Time.” Partners now change roles using a different colored pencil. Everyone should get a turn to answer the questions.


7. The next 30 seconds the teams will exchange questions with someone from another team; this will be repeated until the 4th complete cycle.


8. If you are doing a math exercise, everyone should have had a chance to complete all of the functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.


9. Now it’s time to check the answers. The teams will check the answer given to them by the official score keeper. The teams which have the highest number of correct answers win the game.


This exercise will help students to become critical thinkers and use good judgment.

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