Vocabulary Building Methods, Strategies and Games

Apps (iPad, iPhone, etc.)

·        Crosswords

·        Quizzitive (build vocab. with multiple choice “guesses”)

·        Ruzzle (select tiles that spell words)

·        Scrabble

·        Whirly Word

·        Word Dominoes

·        Word Shaker

·        Word Hero

·        Word Solitaire


·        Cryptograms @ Puzzle Baron or http://www.cryptograms.org

·        Drop Quotes http://www.dropquotes.com/

·        Quote Falls http://www.quotepuzzles.com/quotefalls/index.jsp

·        Word of the Day, Mirriam Webster: http://www.merriam-webster.com/word-of-the-day/

·        Words with Friends (FB interactive Scrabble)

Old School

·        Read ½ page of dictionary every day

·        Reading new material

·        Read a page of a thesaurus every day

·        Word of the Day calendars, websites