A few things to consider about
works cited entries for on-line sources

On-line periodicals

Please take close note of sections 11d and 11e of Writing Essentials, and the corresponding information in the GGW. Section 11d discusses the differences in presentation for two types of print periodicals: scholarly/technical journals paginated by year; and monthly, weekly, or daily publications (i.e., magazines or newspapers) paginated by issue. While most Internet periodicals are not paginated, they will present primarily by volume/issue/year or by date (for instance Feb. 2002, Sept. 1999, 16 July 2001). These same conventions must be applied to on-line periodicals. There is not enough information in your paper handbook, so consult the GGW and it's ancillary links to the MLA site and to Harnack and Kleppinger's book to clarify how to present the works cited entries for the sources used in the Internet works cited exercise. You cannot document your works cited entries simply by whim, preference, or ideosyncracy. Use common sense and critical thinking skills to apply the appropriate conventions to the works cited entries for on-line periodical sources.

Web pages within a layered web site

In general, individual web pages within a site are similar to articles in a magazine or newspaper, a "minor work" contained within a major work, so they should be documented similarly. A web site, however, is not necessarily published or updated according to a regular schedule, as a periodical would be, so it is not exactly the same thing. Nevertheless, date information is crucial when citing a web site. Your works cited entry for the web sites should indicate the date that the site was last updated if that information is given or the date it was published if there is no information about when it was updated. If no date information is given, then your works cited entry should indicate the date you accessed it.

The order of presentation

Author* will be listed first by Lastname, comma, Firstname period. "Title of the Minor Work in Quotation Marks, period, then close quote."  Title of the Major Work in Which it is Contained, Italicized  0 Dec. 2002**  0 June 2003*** <URLcontainedwithinangledbracketsandfollowedbyaperiod>.

*Works cited lists are alphabetized by the first letter of the first line of each entry.
**Dates are listed by day month year, and, in MLA style, months of over five letters are abbreviated.
***The second date is the date accessed.

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