Sample of an Annotated Webliography

The ATW (Association of Teachers' Websites) is an association of web sites created by the real experts - teachers. (K-13)

Awesome Library organizes the Web with 30,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education.  

EdHelper dot Com has lessons, lesson plans and study help for almost every discipline. (K-12)

Lesson Plan Central is an educator's guide to Free Lesson Plans, Webquests, Worksheets, Student Links and Clipart. (All levels)

Lesson Plans K-12 covers all disciplines, from the Teachers Scholastic website.

Lesson Plans Page has 2,500 free lesson plans for all subjects. (K-12)

Lesson Plan Search provides free, good lesson plans in all subjects. (K-14)

Steps in the process

1.  Run MS Word and your browser simultaneously

2.  Use Google or your favorite search engine to find sites related to your personal resources brainstorm, sites that will help you to be successful in college and will help you to manage your life while you are in college.

3.  When searching for resources sites, do a keyword search in your search engine.  While searching, always place word strings inside of quotation marks in order to limit the scope of the search.  For instance, if you want help with verb use when you are writing papers, you might search the word string (in quotation marks) “subject verb agreement” or “irregular verbs.”  It is very important to put word strings inside of quotation marks while searching them with your browser.

4.  Once you find a useful site you must

  1. copy or type the site title on a line in your MS Word document
  2. copy or write a description of the information contained at that site, using complete, grammatically correct sentences
  3. copy the site link (the URL) and paste it into your Word document
  4. keep each entry together as one paragraph per site (i.e., do not press enter until all the information for each site is collected)
  5. list the entries in alphabetical order

5.  Copy and paste or type the URL for your English 109 class at the very bottom of your document

6.  Save the document to your thumb drive or 3.5 inch diskette with the document name webliography. 

NOTE: Your annotated webliography project will include at least 20 academic and personal success resources.

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