Analysis of Internet Sources, English 111

Take the links to the sites below, arranged in no particular order. Turn your speakers on during this research. Search each site, and take notes on the viability of the information based on the criteria suggested by November, Grassian and Kirk in their web articles. Consider which of these sites could be used as a source of information for an academic paper and be prepared to discuss why or why not.  Apply the evaluation criteria which we discussed in class (Authority and Accuracy, Advocacy and Objectivity, and Currency and Coverage). This is very important: Make sure you follow Alan November's advice about how to ascertain what other, reputable, sources and websites have to say about the sites you are analyzing.

Molecular Expressions, "Powers of Ten"

Semiconductor Physics Web Site, "Basics"

Pop culturist James Lilek's site on 20th Century American food and eating

The "Moon Shot"  Reality or fiction?
 In March 2001, Fox TV ran a documentary on the 1969 NASA moon mission, showing that it was a hoax.  Take a look at a couple of sites about the controversy.  (Which would you use for a research paper? If any.) The Allan Parker Slave Narrative site

Color blindness (Which would you use for a research paper? If either.) 

Not-so-everyday uses for otherwise everyday items and products

Squirrel behaviour research from Hah-vahd University: "Rodent Performance Evaluation"

The Official Brain Gym Web Site

And some on-line periodicals
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