Cyndi Young

English 111-15

May 4. 1998


Writing a paper: A One-Shot Deal

There is a game known as darts that is based on a point system: the closer you get to the center bulls eye the higher your score, with the highest score winning the game. This is how one English professor has told me that my style of writing is. He said that I like to hit the outer edge only, without going any further to nail that bulls eye in the center. Throughout this semester this is how I have come to judge my writing and base how a person should write a paper for class. Try to hit all the points with all the darts in your hand.

Imagine a giant target that is your dart board, hanging on the wall, painted with red and white alternating circles with several circles seeming to wind to the middle, which leads to a solid red center bulls eye dead in the middle that is size of a nickel. You are given a certain number of darts to work with; this does depend on how many paragraphs you use or put for the body of your paper (that is how many paragraphs you will use to support your thesis).

Now you start this game by gathering your paper ideas, which are the outer most circle of the board that has the least point value. Pick the right one and you have got the first ring. Once the introduction is completed and you have hit the next ring on the board and gained your next set of points, then the body of the paper is ready to be started. You try to aim as carefully as possible to hit every circle going towards the center to gain as many points as possible. On every point leave nothing to chance that the reader will not understand what you are trying to say or discuss. All aspects that can be discussed about the subject you have chosen you want to include fully and thoughtfully. This is the part that confuses most people. You want to hit that board for all your worth, but try to get a dart in every section. Finally there comes the moment of truth: can you nail that last one? When you close your paper you want to be sure that your conclusion has hit that bulls eye and that all points are gotten for the final score. That conclusion ties all that you have written together and allows the reader to review and reflect on what was said in your paper and gain an opinion of that subject.

According to the point system used by Mr. D., the English teacher I have now, I have so far hit that target and at least most rings and sometimes even that all illusive bulls eye that I found so hard to nail before. My only concern is that this process stays with me and I continue to write using this method that seems to cater directly to me, and most importantly, this method that works.


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